Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bike Active!

So as a few of you may know, a good friend of mine recently picked up a sponsorship with Bikeactive. They're a great shop from up near London. They stock pretty much everything! They have the new Mondraker stuff, Commencal Bikes, Orange, Morewood, Evil and a heap more. they're great guys too.
So pretty much, go to and spend some money.
Also, watch out for Dom McCrae and Rich Simpson throughout the year on the bikeactive team!

Friday, 22 January 2010

What's appnin!

So, again, I haven't had much to post for a while. Heck, I don't even know if anyone reads this! I am guessing no-one does. Why would they? So now I feel like an idiot talking to myself.
So I am getting my camera from Aaron Bartlett next week. So expect some footage and some short videos after then.
Just want to say a massive thanks to TF Tuned. I sent away my shock on monday for a Custom Valve service & tune. When it got there they said the main body was cracked, and it would take at least a week to get the part and fix it. So I wasn't expecting to be riding this weekend. I got a text from my Dad today to say my shock had arrived back! So stoked. Bolted it up and it feels rad. So, off to Gawton tomorrow for a session with the boys. If anyone reads this, and you're there. Say Hi!
Oh, also, my road bike is up on eBay. If anyone wants it just search "Lemond Alpe D'Huez" and it'll come up.
Some bad news in the shape that the Kustom Bikes race at Bratton has been cancelled this weekend. I wasn't going to be racing but it always sucks when a race has to be cancelled due to low numbers. Maybe everyone was scared of pedalling again! (I know I was) But Don just put up the next race which should be a corker at Combe Sydenham. I had great fun last year so hopefully this year will be the same.
That's all until I have some more random crap to post.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A couple of edits

Sorry this blog is a little thin on content at the moment, not much is going on and I'm waiting to buy my camera soon, but in the meantime I just edited a few things in iMovie to see what the most basic Apple programme is capable of, I'm pretty impressed if I'm honest. I found out after editing the first piece it had a 'reverse' feature which inspired me to make a little video of stuff that would look cool in reverse. So anyway, here's what I made.

The first piece is just a few clips of stuff I had on my camera from 2009, I filmed two parts (the last clip and clip of the guy in the gold suit crashing) and my dad filmed the rest.

Then this was something I made on Thursday night after two days of being bored off college.

Monday, 4 January 2010

So, the first post.

Well, if you're reading this, you're probably wondering what Southside Productions is, so I'll explain!
My name is Tim Lake, and around 4 years ago, I bought my first MBUK (that's pretty much the way we all got interested in mountain bikes!). Ever since, I've been hooked on the most expensive hobby in the world, or so it seems. In the past year or two I've been really interested in the photo and video side of the sport, I watch hundreds of video's all across the web and look at thousands of photos. So I decided to get involved myself. About 4 years ago my dad bought my a camcorder so I could video my mates and I going off 1 foot drops we found in the industrial estate near my house, and since then I've been taking photos and filming various trips and rides.
About 4 months ago I started a new course at Exeter College doing a BTEC in Media, which got me wondering how I could mix the two together. I've always been inspired by the top guys such as Clay Porter, Sven Martin, The Parkin's, Alex Rankin, and more recently, Mono, and Jacob Gibbins. Those final two inspired me more than any of the others because just like me they live in the West Country. After I saw Foot Out Flat Out I really wanted to try and do the same thing myself. So I set about planning a full length film, documenting a season of Downhill in Britain, following the riders that live around me, from the West Country. Now you might think, "well what pro's have the West Country produced?" The answer is.. not many. Alex Evans is a well known name in the South West and he's probably our biggest claim to fame, racing a few world cups over the years. I hear you ask "So if there isn't many pro's then why bother following the riders?". The South West has some of the best Young riders in the country, we've got Adam Price who, after a summer in Whistler won the Canadian Open and finished 3rd in the Garbanzo, then there's Olly Hooper, who finished 3rd in Senior last year in the NPS, then, there's Derek Pinkett, who needs really no introduction. We've got all the lads from Tavi, Jay Williamson and his crew from East Devon, Don and the gang from Kustom Bikes in Somerset, then a few other big names dotted around.

So, this year, I'm going to produce a web video, free to watch, following these guys around their season. In the mean time, keep an eye on this blog for loads of other ramblings I'll be getting up to during the year.