Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summer's here?

So first off, I'd like to say thanks to the people that gave me their thoughts on the Fort William video, I'm really happy with the amount of views it's had and I'm starting to feel like my work is getting out there a bit more. I'm really looking forward to the next round of the BDS at Llangollen.

Right, so last weekend I headed down to Gawton in Devon with my mate Dom (who rides for www.bikeactive.com) for a day of filming. It was hot (really hot) and really dry. We got down there and found Jacob Gibbins shooting a piece for Dirt on the new 1.04 which should be in the shops pretty soon but no doubt he'll put a bit up on his site (www.jacobgibbins.co.uk) when it's on sale. He was there with all the really quick locals including Ash Mullane who's now back on the bike after a long time off through knee injuries and he's looking real quick, so look out for him at races soon.
Me and Dom were making our way down the hill when Aaron Bartlett made a rare appearance on his bike, cool to see some more locals back riding again!
I'm not that happy with this edit really. The colours are pretty poor after trying to lighten/darken them in post production as the light was really hard to deal with in the dark woods with the light seeping through. I was being really lazy all day wasn't too happy with the sort of shots I got, but hey ho.
No doubt we'll do another shoot down there soon so keep looking back for that.

MPORA Action Sports >>

Next filming stop is Llangollen BDS, unless I decide to head up to Fort William again for the World Cup next week (which is looking unlikely) so if you're around, say Hi!

It's the Southern Champs this weekend and I'm going up on Saturday night for the 'Unofficial Southern Pumptrack Champs' at Torico which Ben is holding as a sendoff Party for some friends who are off on their travels so I might end up making an edit from that which will be funny! Hopefully the weather stays dry for racing on Sunday and Adam Price and Will Soffe are both back on the bike and looking for that Southern Champs title!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Another national over and finished with. What a cracker it was. Someone told me that Fort William is the wettest place in the UK. Hah! It was probably the only place that saw some sun over the last weekend.

We (Me, my dad and Dom) set off at around 6 on Friday, aiming to be at Glasgow by about 11.
11 arrives and we're about an hour off, not too bad, apart from getting lost in the center of Glasgow and having a sight-seeing trip for an hour. We ended up sleeping in a lay-by next to Loch Lomond for a few hours at 2.30.
We woke up and drove (through the AWESOME) scenery at about 6 and got to the Fort just before 8. Built the bike up and got signed on and headed up for a track walk just after 9. Dom cracked on down and I started filming in the lovely sunny weather.
Day one was sick. Plenty of pro's pinning it everywhere, and the weather was mint.
Went back to the B&B for the night and had a sweet pizza!
Day two we woke up just after 8 and headed over to the track. Got on the gondola nice and early and got up top for some sick shots.
Elite only practice is wicked for people like me, and to have so many Elites coming down in quick succession means you don't have to wait around in a certain area for ages just for two pro's to come through. So after Elite practice I waited around at the new section at the top for the Elites and Experts to come through on their seeding runs. Gee and the top guys absolutely killed it through there and it was set to be an awesome race.
I walked on down to the bottom of the track where the atmosphere was wild! Dave had sorted out a load of horns and Toby was topping everything off with some wicked commentating.
I headed up to the Tissot jump for the end of seniors but it seemed everywhere I stood I was either in someone's way (Sorry Paul Roberts!) or there were spectators standing in my way. Eventually for the top Elites I got a good place and Dan Atherton came down and did the biggest huck I've ever seen off the compression. Some awesome whips were being thrown over the Tissot and eventually Chris Kovarik came down and took the win by a few seconds.

All in all an awesome race despite spending almost 24 hours driving.

Halo British Downhill Series Round 2 - Fort William >>

Next up is the BDS at Llangollen. But I should have a few video's up before them.

Best wishes to Olly Hooper, Will Soffe, Adam Price from the SW Massive who are all out injured at the moment.

Also, Massive props to Luke Ball scoring 3rd in Senior and throwing a massive whip over the Tissot in front of my lens!