Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I've been Slacking. Big time.

In the past I don't know how many months I've been to Glencoe, Fort William, Leogang, Llangollen x2, Nass and got loads of footage.

I had a mishap with the van but a write-up for that might end up in Wideopen sometime soon.

I would post a mega video post, but truth be told It would take too long. So I'll just link you to the vimeo channel. It's got the stuff from Leogang etc.

Next stop was supposed to be La Bresse, but now thanks for transport problems I won't be going. I'm hoping to be getting down to Boardmasters to further my footage from Nass, and then after that will be Val Di Sole for the last Race of the year.

Then, it's the biggie. Me and Milky are teaming up to bring you something extra special at the end of the year. Keep it locked to here where I promise I will be updating more now that I can edit this on my iPhone.

Cheers and Ta for now.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NASS & Other stuff.

This year I'm gonna be covering the action sports fesival NASS. They have a great line up of bands and comps, so make sure you get some tickets now!

"Relentless Energy drink NASS
8th-10th July 2011, Bath & West Showground, Somerset

Relentless Energy Drink NASS is the UK’s only action sports and music festival including 2 nights of camping, 5 live music areas and the world’s best athletes. Held at the Bath and West Showground, it is a jam-packed weekend with world class international skateboarding and BMX championships and inline, with over £50,000 in prize money up for grabs.

Music- 5 live music stages, while introducing small pockets of music and activity for all to enjoy. The Drum and Bass Arena sets the party alive with previous acts like Andy C, Caspa, Scratch Perverts, Shy FX, Sub Focus and loads more spinning tracks till the early hours. 2011 intends to provide new music areas dotted around the festival, promising to make your festival experience jam packed with non stop entertainment.

Sideline events; public skate parks, live graffiti walls, fair ground rides, and plenty of shopping."

Check out the line up and details at

Monday, 10 January 2011


First post of 2011 then!

Not much really going on at the moment, just planning projects and organizing stuff for this year.

However, I watched the first round of the 2011 AMA SX on the weekend. How good!? Can't believe how good Stewart is. Going to be a great 17 weeks for sure. Who else watched it?

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Take care!

Friday, 31 December 2010

Big Christmas & New Years Post!

First off I'd like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
2010 has been a crazy year for me. I've travelled over 8,000 miles, filmed some amazing riders and events, and met some quality people who have really helped me get my name out in this competitive industry.
There's definitely been a few low points, namely, forgetting to turn on my microphone at the first National, but there has been way more high points.
I was thinking back to this time last year where I didn't even have a single edit I was proud to say was mine, and to think how far I feel I've progressed this year is astounding.
As I said, I've got some amazing memories from this year. Llangollen was a great round for me, as was the National Champs at Ae Forest. So I thought it was only fair they got a few more clips in my 2010 Showreel.
For my showreel I wanted to make an edit that summed up my year. Not just my best shots are the quickest riders, but my best memories and the best moments I'd captured on film. I also wanted to put them to a song that I'd continuously played on repeat all year and never got tired of. It may not appeal to everyone in the MTB industry, but the amount of time it spent in the charts it certainly appeals to most people.

So here it is!

Also, another reminder to join me on Facebook to keep up to date with everything!

And now, here's a few videos from the World of Vimeo that everyone should check out. Pure Epicness!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wideopen Magazine!?

Issue 14 of Wideopen Magazine is out. Wideopen is without a doubt THE best free thing on the web. So check it out.

This is issue 14, so if you've not heard of it before, that means there's 13 great issues for you to catch up on. Result! You can find them all at

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Logo

So I made a logo today. I was fed up of not having something proper so I knocked this up.

I didn't want anything too distracting and I didn't want anything too much or tacky.

So this is what I made, simple and to the point, also means people can see my website address!

I'd love some feedback, and tell me what you think I should change. Also, if anyone is willing to knock me up something on Photoshop I'll love you forever!

Monday, 13 December 2010

It's been a while!

It's been ages since my last post. I've done a bit since then, but haven't posted anything. Need to work on some content for the off-season.

So,in the last month and a bit I've pretty much: got a new camera, started on a full length (non-biking) movie, done a few assignments at college, got a job, and planned a few more things for 2011 and this winter.

So first off, new camera. It seems everyone is now shooting with a DSLR, I love their image quality and the type of shots they give you. I really think it gives a great feel to a video and I think mixed in with a specific Video Camera they can make a real good image.
So I just bought a 550d. Pretty much Canons consumer HD SLR. I bought it Body Only off eBay as I already had lenses. I then bought a Sigma 24-70 off Keith Valentine ( What a great lens that is! Really impressed with it.
Anyway, me and a few mates went up onto the Moors a few days after I got it for a quick test shoot. Pleased with how it came out.
I'm also using Vimeo a lot more now, getting into putting videos in groups etc and getting more views on there, so add me as a contact or subscribe to my videos or likes or whatever!

Haytor at Dusk from Southside Productions on Vimeo.

So next up is the full length movie I'm planning with a couple of friends. Can't give away too many details apart from that it'll be a horror movie, runtime of about 1 hour 10, and it'll be screening late July next year. Look out for a Facebook page and Trailer around June 2011 time. Might post a few updates when we have storylines, scripts and other things sorted.

I've done a few assignments at college too. Music video and Corporate video are currently going on at the moment. Should have them online within the New Year but don't expect anything special, Music videos are definitely not my strong point I've now realized!

I'm also now a Sainsburys colleague! Yay. Hopefully will be using the money from that to make my 2011 plans come to fruition.

Finally is my plans for this winter and 2011. I'm going to be releasing a series of "Wintersodes" featuring riders from the South West at riding spots across the South West. Riders featured will include: Olly Hooper, Adam Price, Lee Huskinson, Ben Deakin, Will Soffe, Rich Thomas, Isaac & Joel Anderson, Adam Lock, Jay Williamson and a few more! Gonna film these at various riding spots across the South West, some you will recognise, some you wont. But look out for these dropping on various websites including Dirt.
Plans for 2011 are to get to all the Euro World Cups and World Champs. Should be great fun and me and another videog are possibly planning a cool idea for a good film for next year! Watch this space.