Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I've been Slacking. Big time.

In the past I don't know how many months I've been to Glencoe, Fort William, Leogang, Llangollen x2, Nass and got loads of footage.

I had a mishap with the van but a write-up for that might end up in Wideopen sometime soon.

I would post a mega video post, but truth be told It would take too long. So I'll just link you to the vimeo channel. It's got the stuff from Leogang etc.

Next stop was supposed to be La Bresse, but now thanks for transport problems I won't be going. I'm hoping to be getting down to Boardmasters to further my footage from Nass, and then after that will be Val Di Sole for the last Race of the year.

Then, it's the biggie. Me and Milky are teaming up to bring you something extra special at the end of the year. Keep it locked to here where I promise I will be updating more now that I can edit this on my iPhone.

Cheers and Ta for now.

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